Home Transformation — Refresh

The family of four (soon to be family of five) moving into this house were not fond of the existing setup, with outdated rooms, a traditional arrangement, and a compartmentalized feel that wouldn’t function properly with their new family lifestyle. This home transformation resulted in a fresh new look — clean, functional, open, and contemporary — reinvigorating their home with a new strength and energy and allowing them to start off on the right foot as soon as they moved in.

Design Team

  • Architect: Jessica Larsen, cJem Designs, PLLC

  • Builder: James Swinger, Swinger, Inc.

       *  Photo Credit: Outside In Photography


  • Location: South Asheville, NC

  • Size/Spaces Renovated: Master Bedroom Suite, Laundry Room, Kitchen, Dining, Living Room, + Entry/Stairwell Area

  • Square footage: +/- 2,000 sf

  • Year complete: Fall, 2017